Competing as an Agency in the Enterprise Mobile Space

Data LinksThe mobile landscape is changing at a pace that can seem breakneck to outsiders. In the early days of mobile development, a few select players could create mobile applications. As the tools of development became democratized, creative agencies and development studios could enter a massive market and reach consumers on personal devices like never before.

When backend-as-a service (BaaS) became available, suddenly the complexity of creating robust, scalable consumer facing applications was distilled into simple libraries. Developers saved time, money, and could focus on what really mattered to clients – the front end experience. As Solution Partner Lead here at Kinvey, I’ve seen first-hand how mobile development agencies have benefited from using BaaS. To an indie developer, the value of BaaS is obvious and the relationship is mutually beneficial. To an agency, the value should be just as crystal clear.

Now, enterprises are pursuing mobile strategies with bigger goals than ever before. This is a fascinating challenge for development agencies that are expanding business into mobile applications.  They have the knowledge and experience to create beautiful, functional applications, but often the enterprise requirements of on-premise servers, security protocols, and other regulations can be a bottleneck to productivity.

Enter Data Links.

Kinvey’s partner agencies not only benefit from the suite of features that BaaS offers for consumer-facing applications, but also have the ability to circumvent the difficulties of an enterprise application launch.

Need to access data on an Oracle Database? Not a problem. Need Active Directory authentication? Done.

This opens up an entirely new line of business for the mobile development firms that was previously ruled by the MEAPs alone, and it provides a new value proposition that can be layered into existing development offerings seamlessly.

To better explain the value of Data Links for mobile development agencies, I’m hosting a webinar with one of my Kinvey teammates, software engineer Dave Wasmer on May 8 from 12-1pm. This webinar, titled “What’s the Value of Data Links for Kinvey Partners,” will explore the data links technology and demonstrate how and why it’s valuable to mobile development agencies.  You can sign up here.

The session promises to be rich and technically focused, so come with your questions ready – we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.

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