Kinvey’s Mobile App for Salesforce CRM: Same Data, Different Experience

SFDCAppScreenshotWelcome to the world of contradictions. Today Kinvey released our first mobile app, but we are a platform company – not an app development company. Further, the app we released mobilizes data residing in Salesforce CRM™ systems, yet itself just announced they are entering our space. Sometimes start-ups can seem unnecessarily confusing.

Here’s the deal: Last month we launched Kinvey Enterprise Edition, a platform that enterprise developers can use to connect their increasingly mobile workforce to cloud and legacy databases. The timing for a true enterprise backend appears to be aligned with market trends. After all, industry analysts are predicting that mobile CRM apps will increase by 500% in 2014. The core technology that underpins our platform is called Data Links, our patent-pending methodology for securely extracting and mobilizing data.

The challenge with marketing a platform is simple: it’s abstract. There’s nothing for the audience to see or touch. So we used our Data Links technology to create what we believe to be a much better app for Salesforce CRM data, which gave those interested in our platform something to see, something to touch.

Why Salesforce? Because anyone who’s been to Dreamforce knows that Salesforce’s customers are the world’s most loyal and passionate group – yet the Salesforce mobile experience hasn’t seemed to delight in the way its Web experience has. Why do we believe Kinvey’s mobile app for Salesforce CRM is a better alternative? Because it behaves the way one would expect a mobile app to behave: it’s available offline; it syncs quickly when online; it filters in real-time. And, most of all, it doesn’t try to cram the entire Web experience onto the handheld form factor.

Said another way: same data; radically different experience. Which, I suppose, is yet another contradiction.

Ed. Note: For those interested in mobile strategy, Kinvey is sponsoring a free webinar tomorrow, April 16th, at 12:00 ET, in which Forrester Research Michael Facemire will explain how to “future proof” your mobile strategy. Register here.

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