Development Agency Spotlight: Ballast Lane

BallastLaneLogoEvery once in a while we like to highlight mobile development agencies that are using Kinvey for their backend. I’m so very excited for our first “Development Agency Spotlight” in this ongoing series. Today, we’re showcasing a Boston-based agency, Ballast Lane Applications LLC.

Ballast Lane Rocks Because:

  • it’s is a full-service mobile app development agency and does everything from fleshing out design ideas with customers, to coding the app, to supporting a customer’s marketing efforts after the app launches.
  • it develops iOS and Android apps for both consumer and enterprise markets.
  • it specializes in building media, financial services, and education apps.
  • it loves bringing static content (like books or theories) to life through interactive, mobile applications.

The most recent app that Ballast Lane built using Kinvey is The Sermons of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale for iOS. It’s an app that delivers audio and visual content from Dr. Peale’s sermons. Users can store and tag their favorites for easy access later.


Larry Ehrhardt, CEO and Founder of Ballast Lane, discovered during the development process that it’d be much easier from a management perspective to use a Backend as a Service provider. With the time saved from using a backend provider, Ballast Lane was able to include features – like user tracking and authentication – in first version of the app that were initially planned for a later version.

“It’s the maintenance and support requirements I don’t have to worry about [with Kinvey],” Larry said.

Ballast Lane typically builds apps for customers, but the agency has also independently created a few mobile apps. Master Pieces is an iPad game that trains your “curatorial eye” and provides essays from a former Director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. MyHomeEnergyTips is an app that helps you make smarter choices in your home about electricity use.

You can learn more about Ballast Lane here or you can follow Larry Ehrhardt on Twitter.

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