What Makes a Great Dev Center?

We’re happy to officially announce the new Kinvey dev center, with improved documentation, easy navigation, fresh designs and a whole bunch of resources to help you get started building an app on Kinvey. We asked ourselves, “What makes a great dev center?” Then worked backwards from there. We listened to the helpful feedback you shared (sometimes gently, sometimes less so) and made changes designed to enrich your Kinvey experience and expedite your development.

The new dev center is organized neatly into guides, tutorials, downloads and samples.  Our in-depth guides help you with all your backend requirements, from getting started to setting up features such as push and external data sources. Our tutorials are short, simple walk-throughs to do the things you want, such as configuring Facebook Open Graph integration with your app. Complete with screenshots and code, our tutorials assure you have no trouble getting everything you need out of Kinvey. The downloads section includes the latest SDK, plus a detailed changelog of updates.

The sample section of the dev center provides open source sample apps that you can use as the base for your very own app. Our 12 sample apps can be used for a variety of purposes, and require just a few bits of code and customization to be made into your very own.

See some of our powerful backend features like data integration, geolocation and social integration (including Facebook Open Graph) in action by checking out the sample apps we currently offer. Try them out for yourself and let us know what you think!

iOS Sample Apps


StatusShare is an app for users to share text updates and photos with the other users of the service. Learn more about how to set up StatusShare here.

Users of your StatusShare app can…

  • Login with new user credentials or using Facebook
  • See a feed of latest updates, including text and photos
  • Post a new status
  • Update their status with location information that displays on a map
  • Connect to third party services, e.g. Gravatar


CityWatch is an app that allows users to report road hazards, fires, and other emergent events and share them using Facebook Open Graph. Learn more about how to create a CityWatch app here.

Users of your CityWatch app can…

  • View a feed of reports
  • Filter their feed based on the report categories they’re interested in seeing
  • View or create an individual report, with location, date, time, category and description of event
  • Login with Facebook and provide updates using Open Graph
  • View actions from FB in-app via deep linking


ConfReg is a simple iPad app that gathers contact information for conference attendees. Perfect for any event at which you’d like to quickly collect attendee’s info. Learn how to create your own ConfReg here.

Users of your ConfReg app can…

  • Enter their contact information to quickly register for an event, mailing list, etc.
  • Have their information stored in the database of the register


GeoTag is a location app that allows you to create shared map annotations. This app is great for planning last minute meetups and notifying multiple people of the location, or providing quick notes on different locations for someone else to view. Learn more about Geotag here.

Users of GeoTag can:

  • tag locations with fun notes
  • display tagged locations on a map and see others’ tagged locations

Instagram Viewer

Instagram Viewer is a sample app that uses Instagram’s API through OAuth 2.0 and Data Integration. This app obtains a user’s location, connects to Instagram, and displays nearby images from the photo service. Learn more about creating your own Instagram Viewer here.

Users of Instagram Viewer can:

  • view a feed of nearby Instagram photos
  • check out individual photos in the feed

Linkedin Connections List

This app allows a user to view their first degree connections from LinkedIn. Learn more about Linkedin Connections List here.

Users of Linkedin Connections List can:

  • Login via Linkedin
  • View list of Linkedin connections

View


This app enables re-usable sign-in and create account workflow and views for iPhone and iPad. Learn more here.

Users of your Sign-in View app can:

  • Sign in using Twitter, Facebook, or in-app credentials
  • Create account with name, email and password
  • Reset a password
  • Validate email and re-send validation email

Android Sample Apps



Just like the iOS version, StatusShare leverages Kinvey’s data store and files features to share your status with friends.  Learn more here.

HTML5 Sample Apps



Bookshelf is a single-page app for adding and removing books from a bookshelf. The app is functional in offline mode showcasing data sync. Learn more here.

Users of your bookshelf app can:

  • View and store books in your personal bookshelf on Kinvey.
  • View and store books even when offline thanks to caching and offline storage.

Pay it Forward

PayitForwardHTML5Pay It Forward makes it easy for conference attendees to make introductions on behalf of others. This application demonstrates login via Facebook, store data, and implement offline saving for your app. Learn more here.

Users of your Pay it Forward app can:

  • View all requests via infinite scroll, thanks to the Querying feature of Kinvey
  • View the top forwarders who are summarized in a leaderboard through Kinvey’s aggregation framework
  • Add requests even when offline, by implementing Caching and Offline Saving

Node.js Sample app


UnionNodejsThe Union sample script demonstrates the Kinvey node module. It performs two requests against Kinvey, and serves the result as a single response to the client, allowing for access of data from two requests using a single API call. Learn more here.

PhoneGap Sample App

Pay it Forward


Pay it Forward makes it easy for conference attendees to make introductions on behalf of others. This application demonstrates login via Facebook, stores data, and implements offline saving for your app. The PhoneGap version also enables push notifications. Learn more here.

Sample app for all platforms


TestDrive is the barebones app demonstrating saving and loading data from Kinvey. Learn more for: Android, iOS, HTML5, Node.js, PhoneGap, Titanium, and AppCloud.

What do you think of the new dev center? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!

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